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Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education holds the responsibility for shaping state policy in school education, science, and higher education. Tasked with preparing strategic solutions and overseeing the development and financing of educational institutions, from kindergartens to universities and research institutes, the ministry plays a crucial role in building a modern school system.

Focused on adapting to the challenges of the modern world, the ministry creates and implements educational and scientific programs. Its overarching goal is to foster a modern school environment, develop future competencies, and ensure equal access to high-quality education for all students. Additionally, the ministry is committed to fostering the innovative development of Polish science and promoting its active collaboration with the economy. It provides support to researchers in their pursuit of scientific excellence, career advancement, and cutting-edge research.

University of Agriculture in Krakow

The University of Agriculture in Krakow is a public institution dedicated to tertiary education and specialized research in agriculture, food industry, forestry, environmental protection, and environmental engineering. It covers all functional aspects of these fields, encompassing natural, technical, social, and economic dimensions. The university actively disseminates and advances knowledge, fostering innovation to enhance food safety and promote climate neutrality.

The institution strives to improve the competitive advantage of sectors relying on biological materials and processes, addressing emerging challenges to society and civilization. Operating on a European scale, the University of Agriculture continually refines its processes and holds a strategic position to impact the Central European region. Leveraging its potential, the university engages in research and implementation projects, educational activities, and collaborations with businesses, social organizations, state administration, and local government units. It maintains a strong international focus through ongoing cooperation with leading academic centers in the European Union and worldwide.

Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Hoża 20, 00-529 Warsaw, Poland (PL)
Tel: +48 22 529 27 18
Web: www.nauka.gov.pl/en/

Tadeusz Bednarczyk

Tadeusz.Bednarczyk [at] mnisw.gov.pl

University of Agriculture in Krakow

Al. Mickiewicza 21 31-120 Krakow
Tel: +48 12 633 13 36
Web: https://en.urk.edu.pl/

Iwona Wybranska

mbwybran [at] cyf-kr.edu.pl