New JPI HDHL Strategic Research Agenda is published

Cover SRA 3

JPI HDHL is very happy to present the 3rd edition of its Strategic Research Agenda. The SRA provides a framework for coordinated and structured research activities in order to achieve tangible societal impact in the field of diet, physical activity and health. It offers its 26 member countries, but also other actors around the world, a solid basis for alignment of goals and strategies. In this new version, the traditional research pillars have been changed into a model with three research areas, to further facilitate the integration of research.

Society continues to struggle with an alarming rise in lifestyle-related diseases, which are associated with poor dietary quality and insufficient levels of physical activity. At the same time, the battle against unhealthy lifestyles is interconnected with other societal challenges, like the effect of food production and consumption on the environment. Research and innovation are crucial to tackle these challenges.

The new SRA has been developed in a joint effort by the JPI HDHL Scientific Advisory Board, Stakeholder Advisory Board and Management Board and identifies the key topics to deliver towards societal impact. The three new research areas that form the core of the SRA are:

  • 1. Citizens, diet and behaviour: measuring, monitoring and changing dietary and physical activity behaviour
  • 2. Food for health: providing safe and nutritious food products for a healthier and sustainable diet, working towards a secure future food system
  • 3. Diet, health and disease: targeting the mechanisms that prevent lifestyle-related disease and promote health

Interconnectivity between these areas is an important strategic objective of JPI HDHL, and opportunities for this have been highlighted. Besides the reasearch areas and key topics, the SRA also describes the vision of JPI HDHL on a number of important overarching themes, like FAIR data and the improvement of synergies between relevant networks and initiatives. The translation of the SRA into concrete funding and non-funding activities for the coming years can be found in the Implementation Plan 2019-2021, which will be published soon.

More information can be found here.