JPI HDHL Joint Funding Action mid-term Symposia

Joint Funding Action

The JPI HDHL is pleased to announce the mid-term symposia of the Joint Funding Actions “NutriCog- Nutrition and Cognitive Function”, “IM-Intestinal Microbiomics, “FP4H-Food Processing for Health” and “MaNuEL-Malnutrition in the Elderly" which will be held in Brussels on September 25th, 2017.

The event is organized under the frame of the ERA-HDHL ERA-NET Cofund additional activities. At the symposia the coordinators of the 14 projects funded by the above mentioned joint actions are invited to give a presentation about their projects followed by a short discussion. Other invited guests will be members from SAB and SHAB as well as members from the SECs of the respective funding actions. The coordinator of ENPADASI, the European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment Data Sharing Initiative funded by the JPI HDHL will make an introduction on data management and data sharing concepts, methodology and infrastructure.