FOOD2030 Networks Conference Drives Dialogue on Sustainable Food Systems

Food 2030 Networks conference flyer
From March 5th to 7th, the FOOD2030 Networks Conference took place in Brussels, drawing stakeholders from across sectors to address the urgent need for transformative innovation in the global food system. Amidst growing concerns about the sustainability of current agricultural practices, the conference served as a platform for collaborative efforts to tackle pressing challenges. HDHL – through its secretariat at ZonMw - is one of the partners within the CLEVERFOOD consortium, leading a task on organizing policy dialogues in 7 countries.
Our current agriculture and food system is not sustainable – it threatens our health, destroys our ecosystems, and contributes to climate breakdown.
Food2030 Networks

The three-day conference, structured around workshops, platforms, and dialogues, aimed to foster collaboration and innovation towards a more sustainable future.

  • Day one focused on coordinating cross-project collaboration, with discussions centering on common objectives and activities, such as policy briefs and dialogues. Notably, the project collaboration network already boasts 78 projects representing €450 million, indicating a strong commitment to collective action. While practical collaboration is still in its infancy, it marks a crucial step towards leveraging expertise and advancing the transition to sustainable and healthy food systems.
  • Day two shifted the spotlight to innovation. Participants explored synergies among living labs and innovators, aiming to overcome barriers and accelerate the adoption of transformative solutions. Art-driven innovations and measuring the impact of innovations were also discussed. However, overall it became clear that the focus needs to go beyond technological innovation towards governance and social innovation.
  • On the final day, discussions centered on policy frameworks at local, regional, and international levels, with presentations from researchers, policymakers, and practitioners highlighting initiatives such as the Brussels and Flanders food strategies. Keynote speaker Florian Kern also warned that innovation is important, but phasing out and down unsustainable practices are just as crucial. Sustainable labeling policies also took center stage, reflecting a broader commitment to transparency and consumer empowerment.
If we do not act now, we will not be able to provide prosperity, well-being, and food security for farmers, food producers, and citizens in the future.
FOOD2030 Networks

Throughout the conference, HDHL played an active role, ensuring health considerations remain integral to sustainable food systems dialogue and actions. With a focus on transformative innovation and change, the FOOD2030 Networks Conference served as a catalyst for collaborative efforts towards a more sustainable and equitable food future.

Text: HDHL Secretariat