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World Food Day 2023 - Different Perspectives to ensure Food Security and Sustainable Water Management

With a growing population, there is a higher demand for food, animal feed and biofuel. Together we need to ensure that the food supply chain becomes more sustainable by, amongst other things, using less water. This means decreasing the use of water during the production, but also decreasing food waste so there is less water waste and finding safe ways to reuse it while preventing water pollution. However, it is also essential that we ensure that food products remain nutritious, safe, and affordable to consume while using and wasting less water. HDHL used this opportunity to bring together representatives from a health, food, or systemic perspective as well as researchers, policymakers, and other institutes.

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Webinar 'Ultra-processed foods: Towards a balanced perspective'

The term ultra-processed foods often ignites strong opinions and even controversies. HDHL organised a webinar with key experts on the topic, to shine a more balanced light on ultra- processed foods from various perspectives and to explore the latest scientific insights into health, equity and sustainability. Questions such as what are the advantages and disadvantages? What is the role of ultra-processed foods from a health equity perspective?