Katarina Bälter

Research Area: Citizens, Diet and Behaviour

Mälardalen University


Professor of Public Health




Nutritional epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, diet-related greenhouse emissions, sustainable diet, physical activity, citizen science.

Other activities
  • Member of the board of research at School of Health, Care and Social Welfare at Mälardalen University and served as its vice research leader during the academic hear of 2019-2020.
  • Member of the working group for the National Network for Nutritional epidemiology in Sweden, NEON.
  • Spokesperson and expert on nutrition for the Swedish Cancer foundation.
  • Member of the Swedish Society for Epidemiologists, SVEP.
  • Member of the Association of Members of the Swedish Parliament and Researchers, RIFO.
Katarina Baelter profile

Katarina Bälter