Joint Board meeting - Madrid 2024

Joint Board meeting Madrid March 2024
Our Management Board, Scientific Advisory Board, and Stakeholder Advisory Board members joined in Madrid for a three day event.

SYSTEMIC Final Symposium

The event started with the SYSTEMIC final Symosium, gathering representatives from JPI Oceans, FACCE-JPI and HDHL. During this symposium, the project coordinators presented the outcomes of this Knowledge Hub project. The aim of the network was to achieve a holistic approach to transform the global food production system and to develop adaptive and mitigatory strategies to adress climate change and malnutrition. 

Joint Board meeting

In the afternoon, the members of our Management Board, Scientific Advisory Board, and the Stakeholder Advisory Board continued. There were invited speakers from the hosting country Spain, more information was shared from the CSA CLEVERFOOD and an interactive workshop was organised. 

On the last day, the Management Board members continued their conversations. Overall, the meeting was very productive to move forward and interesting insights were shared.

WHO Workshop

On the second day, there was a joint workshop organised with one of our Stakeholders, the World Health Organisation (WHO). The aim of the workshop was to facilitate policy-science and stakeholder-science dialogues to increase the impact of Research and Innovation investments in policy development and coherence, supporting the transformation to a healthier, more sustainable society. There was a focus on a systems approach and the (digital) marketing of unhealthy and unsustainable foods.

More information about the outcomes of this workshop will be shared soon.